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Retakes &


Retakes are designed for individuals who have previously completed the full Q Arabica Grader Class but need to retake specific exams. 

The final three days of Q classes are dedicated to testing. Participants have the flexibility to attend the test days of any of our available Q courses. Upon booking, we will reach out to you via email to coordinate scheduling accordingly.

Need help preparing?


Has Your Q grader Certification Lapsed?

Recertification is intended for Q Graders who have not participated in a Calibration Course within the designated timeframe. This process is mandatory for the reinstatement of Q Grader certification. 

After payment, we will contact you via email to arrange scheduling. You will be able to join any of our available upcoming Q classes. You can decide to partake in the entire course or exclusively attend the three testing days.

Nervous about the Exams?

Good news! We are currently offering one-on-one video-call tutor sessions. You'll get personalized support and guidance. Jodi will work with you to identify areas of improvement, fine-tune your skills, and provide you with everything you need for success.

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