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Q Arabica Grader Calibration V5.1

Fort Worth, Texas

July 20, 2024

To maintain their standing as active and licensed Q Arabica Graders, individuals are required to engage in a calibration process every three years. This ensures a thorough assessment of their ability to accurately assess coffee quality based on acquired expertise, knowledge, and the standards/protocols acquired during Q training. Participation in calibration is obligatory for Q Graders seeking to uphold their active status.

The calibration procedure involves the evaluation of three cupping tables, each comprising six samples of coffee with distinctive attributes. Successful completion requires Q Graders to be in calibration and pass at least two out of the three tables, allowing them to renew their licenses and continue their designation as Licensed Q Graders. Following a successful calibration, the Q Grader license is valid for an additional 36 months, commencing from the day of the calibration course.


TreeHouse Foods

(Formerly Farmer Brothers)



1912 Farmer Brothers Drive
Northlake, TX 76262

While our course fees are nonrefundable, they can be applied to a future course or transferred to another person. Please note that changes to course dates or attendees must be made at least 14 days prior to the start of the course and are subject to a 15% change fee. Changes are not possible less than 14 days before the course begins. Please contact us directly via email at

Please note that after paying through our website, students must complete their registration by visiting the CQI website and signing up there.

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