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Q Class Preparation

The Q Class preparation service is designed to provide you with the personal attention and guidance needed to succeed in the Q Arabica Grader Combo Exam & Training V5.1, Retakes, and Recalibration Courses. With Jodi Wieser, a world-renowned Q instructor, the one-on-one 45 minute video calls are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need extra help with a particular topic or want to fine-tune your tasting calibration, she's got you covered. Succeed with confidence by signing up for the Q Class preparation service today!

Choose your plan

Recommended plan

for Recalibration

and Retakes

Recommended plan

for Full Q Preparation

Separate 45 minute video calls with Jodi. Set exercises will be given to be done in between calls for calibration discussions. You can choose between two or three sessions. These packages are highly recommended for anyone preparing to take the Q Arabica Grader Combo Exam & Training Course. 


What's included in each session?

Session One:

     - Overall discussion about preparing for the Q class

     - Expert evaluation of current skill set with real-time feedback based on your experience

     - If needed, a full private explanation of the SCA cupping form

     - Sent with exercises customized to your needs, then practice coffees will be mailed to

Session Two:

      - Very detailed Q Grader calibration discussion based on exercises done between sessions

      - Recommendations will be given for needed improvement

      - If you have the three session plan, then new personalized exercises will be given and

Session Three:

      - Another detailed calibration discussion based on the exercises done between sessions

      - Additional individualized recommendations to ensure higher probability of Q Exam success


 your doorstep to analyze prior to the next session

explained and more practice coffees will be mailed to prepare for next session.​

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